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Temporary Fencing for Your Project

Whether you are operating a business during the remodeling of your building or hosting a private event, your company will want to look professional and clean when doing so. The most common solution for such occurrences is to hire a temporary fencing company to enclose the area under construction or establish the perimeter for your private event. In this article, we will give you a guide for when to hire a temporary fencing company, the different types of fencing used for each event, and what is considered when a fencing company installs a fence.

Temporary fencing is most popularly used when you have a construction project.Your company may be adding to or remodeling its building. In doing so, this opens up many dangers and risks to the public such as broken tile, wall cavities, and exposed plumbing. To keep the public safe from these hazards, most cities require you to close off the area if you plan to continue running your business under such conditions.

Temporary fencing is a popular and affordable solution to keeping these areas secure and safe, while also having a professional aesthetic that looks clean and controlled. Any project area under construction is required by law to have the perimeter fenced off with chain link fences, privacy screens, and an operational gate to allow workers and authorized personnel to enter and exit safely. This gate is to be locked when no one is working so that the public does not enter the site. This can be a risk to their safety as well as the success of the construction project. If someone were to be hurt on site, especially after hours, it can be a major liability for your company if you did not have the proper fencing and safety precautions.

Private Events
Another popular use for temporary fencing is sectioning off an area for a private event. Your company may be having a barbeque in the parking lot or throwing a street music event with several vendors. In either case, you would need to fence off the perimeter but there are different types of fencing to be aware of. Usually in a situation where people will be in a street or parking lot, you should purchase a combination of above-ground panel fencing and barricades to keep pedestrians safe and contain them in the designated area of the event. When throwing events on public streets, you will need to not only follow the city’s regulations for setting up temporary fences, but you will need to obtain permits for shutting down the street and for street vendors, stages, and other amenities. When hosting an event on private property, you will not need as many permits, if any. It is good to keep this in mind when including temporary fencing in your budget for an event.

Types of Fences
Having the correct fences can ensure that your project is on time as well as within the means of your budget. In the following section, we will review the most popular options for fencing that are available, as well as what kind of events each is used for. Most companies will install the fences and privacy screens for you upon purchase. It is important to know the differences between the fences because the type of event or project, how long it will go, and how much space you have will all help determine which fence is best for you. The three most popular types of fencing are panel fencing, chain link fences, and barricades.

Panel Fencing and Privacy Screens (Above-Ground Posts)

Panel fences are panels of chain link fences that connect together with clamps to secure the perimeter. This type of fencing is most popularly used for events that last only a few days or for construction sites. Usually, they are 6ft tall and stand alone with sandbags at the base to hold down the fence. When used at construction sites, you must have a privacy screen around it to control dust. The privacy screen is a sheet of green fabric that is securely fastened to each panel.

Chain Link Fence (In-Ground Posts)
Chain link fences have posts that are buried in the ground to hold down the fence. These fences are most popular for long-term construction projects or to barricade land that is not accessible to the public (i.e. abandoned plots, off-road trails, private property, etc). This type of fencing is harder to install than panel fencing and barricades but it is skillfully and carefully set up by the temporary fencing company you hired. These fences stand anywhere between 6ft-8ft and are best used for securing a perimeter more long term.

Barricades are welded metal fences that are very portable and stand between 3ft-4ft tall. These are great for directing pedestrian traffic while keeping an area restricted. This is the easiest type of fence to set up as it only requires proper placement and linking. Barricades connect together with a hook and sleeve system, where one side of the barricade has a hook and the other has a pocket welded onto it for the hook to slide into. This type of fence is most commonly used for events that have heavy foot traffic such as street festivals or concerts.

Before purchasing temporary fencing, you should consider why you need it. The amount of people, the type of project, and the amount of space you have can all affect the type of fencing that you need. Consult with a temporary fencing professional to decide which fence is right for you.

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